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Prince Harry’s Future Half African American Wife, Who’s Also a Divorcée?


The long time readers of this blog, all five of you, might recall a post the author penned a couple years back entitled The Trouble With Prince Harry, in which he opined, given the run of bad luck His Royal Highness was having courting ruling class bachelorettes in his granny’s realm, who for the most part don’t seem to want to marry him, that he should cast his social net a bit wider if he wishes to catch the damsel of his dreams. One might also recall another post, Edward Vll’s Churchillian Mistress, in which the author hypothesized that should Harry one day find himself keeping amorous company with a socially ambitious American young lady, said hypothetical girlfriend should be prepared to be received into British society with open daggers drawn. Well, the author certainly doesn’t wish to congratulate himself on being a soothsayer, but the whirlwind romance Prince Harry has engaged in within the last year, and the reaction of certain elements of British society to it, have more than proven the conclusions reached at the end of the aforementioned posts were more than a little apt. Of course the author is referring to the increasingly serious romance Harry is currently engaged in with American television actress, Meghan Markle. And engaged appears to be the correct word to use given every one of the author’s friends in London, who travel in royal circles, have all confided to him that word coming out of both Buckingham and Kensington palaces, plus London’s branch of Soho House, the social club where Harry and Meghan are fondest of dining, and where it’s rumored most of their assignations have taken place, is that he’s already informally proposed, she’s informally accepted, the Queen has privately signaled she’ll approve the match, and the whole reason why engagement rumors are being constantly leaked to the press is because Her Majesty’s press office is building up excitement for the inevitable formal announcement that might occur as early as August, i.e. just before Meghan’s birthday and this year’s Invictus Games, which ironically enough will be held in Toronto where Meghan currently resides.

The greatest sign that this rumor is more than just idle gossip came on May 14 when a spokesman for Westminster Abbey suddenly announced, seemingly apropos of nothing, that Prince Harry and Ms. Markle could marry at Westminster Abbey despite her being a divorcée. The spokesman further stated that since 2002, thanks to a synod ruling, the Church of England, of which the Queen is the nominal head, has allowed divorced persons to wed within their auspices. If Harry hadn’t already privately popped the question to Meghan, albeit without a ring, and she hadn’t already said yes, why on earth would the higher ranking clergy at Westminster be jumping through hoops to clarify and sanction a wedding ceremony for a couple that have expressed no plans whatsoever to wed? The reality of the Court of St. James is that all press speculation concerning the betrothals of senior ranking royals doesn’t occur spontaneously, but rather is instigated by the court as a means of drumming up excitement in anticipation of a forthcoming formal engagement announcement. Word out of London is that, when it comes to press leaks concerning an impending engagement, all roads are leading back to the Prince of Wales’s press office at Kensington Palace where Prince Harry is notorious for taking a highly decisive role when it comes to the managing of his own press coverage. Of this, more in a moment.

As one might expect, given the politics of both households, opinions among courtiers concerning Miss Markle becoming a future royal duchess is sharply divided among staffs of Buckingham and Kensington palaces. As one might expect, the hidebound traditionalists of Buck House, who’d initially objected to Prince William’s burgeoning relationship with Kate Middleton, and later are rumored to have attempted to orchestrate an engagement between Harry and Cressida Bonas, are less than pleased at the prospect of the fifth in line to the throne plighting his troth with a half Black American actress whose previous husband is very much still among the living. Objections to the relationship are rumored to have become so virulent that last November, according to the author’s sources, it was a particularly nasty, old and aristocratic cabal of courtiers at Her Majesty’s official London residence that were behind the Daily Mail’s now notorious article,EXCLUSIVE: Harry’s girl is (almost) straight outta Compton: Gang scarred home of her mother revealed-so will he be dropping in for tea? The piece, though mildly laudatory of the fact that Miss Markle is largely a self made, obviously talented and independently successful young woman raised by a single African American mother who clearly struggled to make ends meet, but nonetheless triumphed against the odds, the article nonetheless emphasized her working class background and the fact that her mater still resides in an economically downtrodden community in Los Angeles notorious for its gang violence. The message of the article was clear: Meghan might be a nice young woman, but her background renders her completely unsuitable as a future royal. The author’s been told the piece was designed chiefly to turn the public against Prince Harry’s new girlfriend, and pressure him into ending the relationship.

Needless to write, these chinless wonders behind that piece might as well have attempted to put out a fire with gasoline. For there’s nothing His Royal Highness is alleged to hate more than being pressured by his family’s retainers. It’s now widely believed the real reason why he resigned his army commission a couple years ago was because the Queen’s, and also the Prince of Wales’s, men in gray wouldn’t allow him to continue serving as an apache helicopter pilot, for which it had taken him two years to qualify. Now they were pressuring a woman who, by all accounts, he’d fallen madly in love with at first sight when they’d been introduced by mutual friends the previous summer, either in London or Toronto, to leave him. Harry then decided to take the unprecedented step of issuing an official statement from Kensington Palace on November 8, less than a week after the Daily Mail article, not only officially declaring Meghan his girlfriend, a move no senior ranking royal had ever made before, but condemning the obvious racism characterizing both the tabloid press coverage of Miss Markle and the cyber bullying she’d recently been subjected to! While he didn’t name a specific tabloid, the cognoscenti instantly knew who he was talking about, as well as the message Harry was sending to the courtiers behind the piece. With HRH having all but declared war on the reputed tabloid of choice among the royals and their sycophants, the paper, and those same courtiers who are still hoping to change Harry’s mind about his increasingly not so secret alleged fiancé, have struck back by continuing to publish damaging stories concerning Meghan.

Their latest salvo came in the form of an interview with her older half sister entitled, I’m hurt she hasn’t reached out to me’: Meghan Markle’s wheelchair-bound half-sister slams Harry’s girl for charity work, saying ‘humanitarianism starts at home’-after revealing they haven’t spoken for NINE years. The April 4 article revealed that Meghan’s father, who was once a successful Hollywood television lighting designer, and brother had recently filed for bankruptcy, and that Meghan’s been obsessed with the Royal Family since childhood. The author certainly can’t blame her for that! But all biased criticism aside, there’s some legitimate concern that Meghan, with no previous background exposure to the Royals or realistic knowledge what life within their all too specific world is truly like, is getting in over her head and might prove the House of Windsor’s most disastrous in-law yet. There might’ve been less cause for alarm had Harry been wiling to move more slowly with this relationship, thus giving Meghan a step by step chance to become genuinely acquainted with the royal routine, but Harry’s impatient to marry and start a family, Meghan appears to be quite eager to do the same, and given that she’s about to turn 36, the quicker they commence with baby making, the more likely a baby or two will actually pop out of the oven. Then there’s the matter of Miss Markle easily being the most independently successful woman to ever become a potential English royal bride. If her marriage were to fail, she has the legitimate incentive of returning to a proven rewarding career. No previous maiden that wed a prince within the House of Windsor could boast that. While seemingly impressive, her resourcefulness and genuine power to decide her own destiny, and probable lack of reliance on her in-laws should she decide being a royal duchess just isn’t for her, is precisely what scares the Queen’s courtiers the most about Meghan.

The Prince of Wales’s staff over at Kensington Palace, on the other hand, are said to be highly enthusiastic about the alleged future match. Aside from her aforementioned qualities, Meghan’s work on behalf of global women’s equality initiatives with the United Nations and her genuine passion for humanitarian work, a passion she shares with her rumored fiancé, are all to the good as far as they’re concerned. Furthermore, her ethnic background is a plus to them, and particularly to Prince Charles, because it reflects the increasing cultural diversity of modern Britain. And let’s not forget she’s a stunningly beautiful woman whose multi-culti genes will hopefully offset the centuries of inbreeding that have wrought such havoc regarding the visage of many a Hanoverian descendant. She might be precisely the breath of fresh air that everyone was hoping the Duchess of Cambridge would be, but alas thus far hasn’t been.

The irony of much of the hoopla concerning Prince Harry’s romance with a half Jewish, half African American entertainer, aside from the ongoing historical debate concerning whether or not the immediate British royal family possesses a degree of African ancestry, is that this relationship is but the latest chapter in a long line of such romances to occur within the British Royal Family. One could argue that a romantic passion for black entertainers is seemingly a genetic trait within the House of Windsor. Karl Shaw writes in Royal Babylon that the late Prince George, Duke of Kent, conducted a brief affair with the African American cabaret star, Florence Mills, in the mid ’20s. It should be noted, however, that Mr. Shaw claims Prince George’s dalliance with Madam Mills continued during his marriage. Given that the unfortunate Florence died suddenly in 1927, and her favorite royal duke didn’t marry until 1934, it seems highly doubtful Mr. Shaw’s veracity can be trusted concerning the timeline of their relationship. George might’ve been bisexual and a drug addict, but the author has yet to uncover evidence he was a necrophiliac.

The next notable, albeit closeted, royal romance between a British royal and an African American celebrity occurred in the early ’30s when Lady Edwina Mountbatten, who’d recently married Lord Louis Mountbatten, formerly Prince Louis of Battenberg and a great-grandson of Queen Victoria, began keeping loving, passionate, and apparently prolonged, extramarital company with Leslie Hutchinson, a popular jazz musician. Unfortunately The People, a popular tabloid, caught wind of the affair, and published a blind item about it. Though not naming names, it was well known among the royal court who exactly the article was seemingly condemning. With British society being unapologetically racist at the time, King George V and Queen Mary stepped in and demanded Edwina take the tabloid to court. Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince and Stephen Prior write in War Of The Windsors, A Century of Unconstitutional Monarchy, that they interviewed Madeline Masson, a close friend of Edwina’s concerning this notorious libel case and she informed them how Edwina and her royal in-laws tricked a jury into awarding them damages. Edwina claimed under oath that the tabloid was accusing her, in so many words, of having had an affair with the actor Paul Robeson. Since she technically wasn’t bedding him, but another black man, she was able to successfully sue the paper for libel. Needless to write, her actual affair never came to light. Still, a harsh public light had been shown on her obvious lack of virtue regarding her marriage, and she developed a life long resentment for her in-laws for having forced her to go to trial in the first place. It was their reputation they were trying to save, not hers, and the experience helped eventually turn her into a virulent, though discreet, republican.

By the ’70s it was Prince Charles who was carrying on his family’s tradition of secretive miscegenation. Lady Colin Campbell writes in her now classic biography, Diana in Private, The Princess Nobody Knows, that early in the decade Charles met, and became utterly infatuated with, the voluptuous African American songstress Sheila Ferguson, part of the pop group, The Three Degrees. In between bedding Mrs. Parker Bowles and Dale, Lady Tryon he romped blissfully with Miss Ferguson throughout the decade until their amour came to an agreeable end by the early ’80s. Still, they continued to be friends and remain so to this day.

The difference, of course, between these aforementioned relationships and that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is that none of them were serious, conducted out in the open, and could’ve possibly ended in marriage. Harry and Meghan, on the other hand, are precisely the opposite of that. The world has come a long way within the past century, and now is as good a time as any for the British Royal Family to embrace cultural and ethnic diversity in a manner it never has before. As of this writing all indications are that the Queen will approve their betrothal, Meghan’s previous divorce notwithstanding. Harry’s father, after all, was a divorcée prior to his current marriage, and his current wife was the same. Just as the author began this post by disclaiming himself as a soothsayer, he must end it the same way. For, alas, everything he’s reported here coming from his friends in London is technically just hearsay, though at this point highly plausible hearsay. Only time will tell if Harry and Meghan actually tie the knot. The author, for one, is hoping they do!!!!!!

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I think that Meghan attending the evening reception at the wedding of Pippa Middleton is an indication of the seriousness of their relationship.

You SHOULD congratulate yourself. Great article— and all your points are ones I agree with (as I’m a member of the who-can-blame-us club too.)

Look… Before stating why Sparkles is not my cup of tea, let me say that Harry is not my cup of tea either. Harry hardly woks and Ms Sparkles acted like a teenager with those Instagram posts. Her humanitarian works seems very rehearsed (cue Black Africans with pretty lady with pretty clothes), her blog was a pain in the a** with all this performance of look at me I saved the world with my feminism, and she just seems very rehearsed. It is no secret that her PR company puts together these humanitarian trips. Having said that, it seems that they are gonna get married and my gut is telling me that she will be another Waity. I hope to be wrong.

Thank you!! I have been thinking the same thing regarding Ms. Sparkles. I am so glad someone has seen the same thing I do regarding her staged humanitarian trips and writings. She may well be a great person but something is very off.

She’s only got a few, maybe two to three, years of humanitarian work. With that in mind it’s been pretty measly work, there are more “regular folk” people that put in weekly or monthly time to work for charities and humanitarian causes.

It seems that they will get married, she’s sold herself to him and he’s bought it, though he’s no prize either. I also roll my eyes heavily at her pictures with poor children. I hate that. “Oh look at me, I’m so nice”.

On the subject of her writings, it’s all been very rehearsed, timelines are off (she’s lying for effect), and she has poor grammar and is too verbose.

Her lying and fake nature grate me the wrong way.

On to happier thoughts, I’m a long time reader and first time poster! I’ve read all of the posts multiple times. Love this blog!

Thank You for your loving support!!!! It means sooooo much to me to read that people are enjoying my work!!!!! If only my boss could be this appreciative, lol!!!!

As one of your 5 loyal readers and one across the pond, I do hope you will invite us to come and stay with you for the wedding. We can talk foibles and have a ball.

Your blog is a highlight to read. Thank you for your research and exposure!

Another fantastic piece of journalism, worth being caught straying from work by my supervisor!! You always make my day 🙂

It is always a pleasure when I see a post from you in my email. It’s like eating a delicious pastry in the middle of the day,

As an American, I guess I am supposed to be thrilled with an impending marriage of a prince (a “real” one and not the faux kind Marie Chantal Miller married so she could swan about in tiaras as if to the manor born), but I agree with ispeakenglishbeerblog above. There is something about Ms. Markle that this fellow citizen finds offputting, and it has nothing to do with her ethnicity. Her feeble acting ability and scripted humanitarianism aside, my antenna are twitching that she is chomping at the bit to get that royal title more so than the man. Prince Harry appears to be a thoroughly decent man and he could do so much better than this D list American celebrity wannabe.

Thank You soooo much for the delightful compliment!!!!! This blog has never been likened to a desert before!!!! I really appreciate the gastric simile!!!! I’ll try my best to keep satisfying your sweet tooth!!!! 🙂

And it’s good for you, No fat or sugar. Pass the plate, please!

I really hope this marriage happens. First, Royal Foibles was spot on when he said that Harry should cast a wider net! The parade of vapid, upper class British blondes (i.e. Cressida) was getting very old. Harry seems to be a genuinely good person & deserves better. Time will tell if Meghan will be a good match but she’ll definitely bring a much needed shot of freshness to the Castle.
I had hoped Kate would be that injection of freshness, but she’s turned out to be pretty much a well dressed Stepford wife.
RF, thanks for your update! Now that you’ve added your thoughts, my immediate desire is to place a wager on this engagement happening this year!

Whenever I want to feel bad about being female I read The Daily Mail. They definitely know how to write nasty bodyshaming stuff about most women. That they went there with Meghan Markle doesn’t surprise me at all. That the old fogies at the palace were behind it does not surprise me at all. They’re dying off but slowly.

That said, I like her. I’m not a fan of her TV show, but I like her. I think she can handle the day to day boredom of the meet and greet walkabout thing. I don’t think she’ll be the special snowflake type that the Duchess of Cambridge has become. I really doubt she’s the high maintenance type that Cressida Bonas turned out to be. I think they’d do well together.

I do hope there is an engagement announced soon. I would love to see Harry settled and happy and Ms Markle seems to do that.

What the Royal Family does not need is another social climber!

Well – poor Harry is in the same situation that William was – no Duke’s daughter has the slightest interest in forming a relationship with them. So Wills settled for Waity, and Harry seems to have found an American who seems prepared to take on board Royal life. At least Sparkles has some achievements to her name, and if she takes her cue from Sophie, most likely will actually take on an appropriate work load.

Do a new fan a favor and fix the title? It detracts from your amazing piece.

What should the title be then? I’m always open to suggestions concerning how to improve this blog.

Who’s instead of whose?

Don’t hate me

Thumbs up, Julz. The grammatical error is a pet peeve of mine too.

I most definitely don’t hate you, and appreciate your correction. My grammar ain’t the best!!!!! 🙂

For what it’s worth, I looked for a way to send you a note privately but couldn’t find it.

If I was sparkles I would stay well away from the toxic windsors. Few who marry into that family have lasted IMO. Kate would not have lasted this long as Will’s wife if she hadn’t turned herself into a fembot/stepford wife. The royals don’t want another Diana rocking the boat.

If Sparkles does marry into that family her life will be heavily constrained and carefully monitored. Not really worth it. She should just date him and that’s it. Why give up her career and freedom for marriage to the windsors?

Kate only fits in because she’s been happy to be moulded into the ‘perfect’ ‘passive’ royal spouse. If Sparkles marries Harry she too will have to conform as well and loose whatever personality she has. No one in the royal family wants an outsider rocking the boat. So Sparkles won’t be able to.

The men in grey suits maybe dying out but most likely they are being replaced by younger versions. The royal family aren’t a normal family – they are an institution. Anyone who doesn’t conform ends up on the outside like Fergie and Diana.

Date him Sparkles but don’t marry him – you’ll regret it.

Having read the more recent comments, I tend to agree that there’s something “off” with Sparkles (love the nickname!). Still, both she & Harry wants kids (well, definitely Harry) and so tick,tick, tock with Sparkles…
So maybe she marries him for the Social climb. I’m still hoping that she shakes things up like Diana did! The Windsors need someone like that every 20 years or so….and sadly it will be 20 years this August 31st….

The off aspect could be the rumor that she was dating Chef Cory when Sparkles gave Harry her phone number to help with IG promotion. Social climber at its best. I will never ever woulda leave Cory for the crumbs that the Crown has to offer 😛 RF, love to be part of your five readers lol I laugh because I know you have more. You are such a jokester. <3!

Stunningly beautiful ? LoL…Compared to what ? Prince Charles ? the queen mother ?

Hi~ I think you may have been hijacked—I have received 11 of this same post in 2 days. Don’t know if it has happened to others, but, wanted you to know.
Thanks again for all your work .
With much appreciation, Deborah Bruno

That’s nuts!!!! I’ve no idea what’s going on! I’ll try to solve this latest glitch as soon as possible!!!!

Hahaha….I’m loving this Post & discussion! So Sparkles was dating Chef Cory?! That’s quite a jump! Does anyone know why she & her 1st husband got divorced? Maybe that will shed some light on Sparkles & her motivation….

a rare article from you which seems quite off. The “lady” in question has thoroughly monetized the relationship with Harry. Every pap walk she does – well planned – she is a walking billboard for caps, makeup,hair oil, yoga mats, jackets, trainers, yoga pants, dresses, boots and oh yes sunglasses. Merchandising is a big business especially a B list actress. And anyone who does not understand this is naïve. Her own buddy Lainey has admitted MM has exclusive agreements with E! and People who she leaks stories to constantly. About time someone was honest about the celeb business model. I rather doubt KP BP or CH is happy bout a pap calling, leaking to gossip sites and mags, merchandising actress. Most of what you see in the tabloids and gossip sites about this affair is pure pr fantasy. A marketing strategy. I think you are sophisticated enough about these things to know this. At any rate being excluded from Pippa’s wedding ceremony and the family dinner is not what I would call a sign of approval. This will end very soon.

Technically she wasn’t excluded from the wedding. Rather, she chose not to attend because she didn’t want to upstage the bride. I thought that was a classy decision on her part. Furthermore, all indications are that Will and Kate both like her. She’s all but moved into Harry’s apartment at KP, and even celebrated a mini Xmas with him at his place before they spent the holidays with their respective clans. As I mentioned in the piece, there definitely is a cabal of old school courtiers, according to rumor, that are actively campaigning against this quasi, unofficial engagement. But the more they try to pressure Harry into breaking up with Meghan, the more besotted he becomes with her.

The reality of the situation is that Harry’s about to greatly increase his role within the family firm. With his grandfather’s retirement, and Harry’s inheriting of his fair share of Philip’s duties, it’s imperative he have a partner by his side to keep him content with his lot in life. The overwhelming feeling among the courtiers at this point, so I’m told, is that if that girl is Meghan Markle, so be it! The daughters of the aristocracy and gentry have pretty much boycotted marriage to him because they feel there’s something genuinely wrong with Harry, owing primarily to his Spencer lineage, he’s too much of a child, he’s destined for obscurity once his brother inherits the throne and his nephew and niece grow up, and life within the royal family just isn’t considered all that desirable these days, at least not by the pool of single ladies traditionally considered eligible to join their ranks. And there’s one more thing.

I didn’t hit upon this in the article because I felt it would make the piece too long, but my titled friends in high places on the other side of the pond have all voiced this sentiment. There seems to be genuine doubt among the millennials within the British ruling class that the monarchy will survive their lifetimes. While Charles is genuinely respected by most, the tide of history seems to be turning against him and his progeny. Brexit has opened the door once more for Scottish independence, and there’s now serious talk, among certain elite circles, of the United Kingdom dissolving altogether. England might actually be better off once more as its own nation. Would the monarchy, as it currently operates, be a burden the English alone could afford to bear? Would a paired down monarchy even be worth keeping? The aristocracy most definitely can survive without the crown, and can continue on in a de facto sense just as its counterparts in Germany and France do. The feeling among many debutantes seems to be there’s no point in becoming a matrimonial nanny to a hopeless royal man boy whose part of an institution destined for collapse within our lifetimes.

Meghan Markle is definitely an aging B List tv actress whose a shameless self promoter, but the Middletons were also shameless self promoters throughout Kate’s PROLONGED courtship with William, and that doesn’t seem to have hurt them in the long run. If Meghan were in the running to become queen, Harry probably would’ve been forced to break up with her by now. One can best believe there are some stuffed shirts at Buck House at this moment recalling Chelsy Davy with great sentimental fondness, and bewailing their rash decision to run her off when they consider the prospect of whom Harry will now likely marry instead of her. Of course, it should be noted that Harry was willing to let her go, and Chelsy was also quite willing by then to walk away. There’s was a youthful, obsessive romance that had simply run its course. This situation is entirely different.

Lastly, it’s also important to remember that Harry’s progressing in years, it’s high time he settled down, he’s desperate to do so, the royal court is desperate for him not to have a nervous breakdown, and the prospective spouse of a secondary royal whose position is expected to lessen with time has, at least since Elizabeth became queen, been treated with more indulgence than the prospective spouse of a future monarch. Many a courtier knew that Sarah Ferguson was a blatant social climbing whore best left at the ski lodges in Klosters where she honed her “hostessing” skills, but once Prince Andrew decided he was in love with her, his mother couldn’t say no to him, and the courtiers couldn’t say no to her. This situation is even more dire since Harry’s now so much older than his uncle was when he married, and Meghan Markle’s even older than that! You may not like her, quite a few courtiers don’t like her, but Harry’s just wild about her, and his is the only opinion that matters!!!!!

I agree with your thoughts on the likely future of the Monarchy. Wills and Waity do the bare minimum and would rather stay behind the hedges. I suspect once Charles goes that will be it . . .

Hahahahahaa It is true! Harry is a man boy so is Wills. I certainly do not see what the mystique behind Sparkles is… For example, she talks about embracing being biracial and there she goes straightening her hair. I hate that. I am a proud Black woman and that includes my Afro. Anyway, Harry is too dumb to see the real Sparkles and vice versa?

At any rate, I do think the monarchy is over and I just cannot wait! Love to see if Kate and Wills survive that lol Sparkles might have to go back and sell more stupid fashion or save the world hunger shopping bags via twitter, right? lol

Dear Royal Foibles,

Please promise that you will write an article about the Fergie information mentioned in your reponse. You certainly know how to entice your loyal, devoted readers!

I already did. It was #29 in my F****d Up Royal Marriages series. Just type in Duchess of York in the search box of this blog and it should pop right up.

Thank you so much for discussing the Middletons and their social climbing! I think it’s weird that people are put off by Megan, but don’t seem to voice the same concerns about Kate, whose family is still determined to be in the limelight, even after her marriage.

At the end of the day, royalty exists to be seen. The days in which they had a useful governmental function were gone when they did away with absolute monarchies as a whole. The sole reason the RF occupies any RAM in the public eye is because the people wish to see the there. The social climbers, whether you like them or not, keep themselves in the news. That keeps the RF in the news, and that keeps their lights on. The ones who seek to have no public role in life have no use for the RF for precisely that reason–their role is entirely about being in the public eye, and very little else of substance.

I also think there something “off” about MM too!

Does any 1 think Meghan M. is a gold digger!

Is the Pope Catholic? !

Dear RF, I’m glad you added the info about the destiny of the Monarchy. Personally, I think it will end with Charles & Camilla. I agree that most young people, rich & poor alike, won’t continue to pay for the Windsor family & their lifestyles. Will & Kate don’t seem to want the Crown. Once the show is over, I suspect they’ll retreat full-time to Amner Hall. Finally, both Harry & Will are financially set for life with Diana’s inheritance & then Charles’ money later on. I can see Harry continuing his good deeds with the Invictus Games & his charity work, but nothing on the taxpayers dime anymore.
Just my two cents…..


This is very well written but I would suggest changing the title, it isn’t appropriate. btw she is not half Jewish….her father is of Irish ancestry.

I have read many comments and wonder why many of the women making comments here are so judgemental, negative and down right crass about someone they don’t know. This isn’t all about her – Harry is part of this relationship and he actually was very persistent in pursuing her in the beginning and not the other way around.

I don’t remember comments like this when he was dating his previous girlfriend – they tried to make it work and it didn’t and he has moved on, Her marriage didn’t work and she moved on why doesn’t it matter is only her business. The attraction here is mutual not one sided. Yes she is biracial, yes she is an actress, yes is American whether you like it or not. At least she has a career and is doing some charity work, she was a spokesperson for a clothing line in Canada and had a pretty decent lifestyle blog.

Does it bother you more that is not white or that she is not English. Why does it matter she carries herself with class and dignity.

I hope things work out for them and they get married. The royals need some new blood and new energy. Times have changes and he is able to see past her racial origins and the love the person for who she is…whether we like it or not.

Excuse me you wrote young ladies have boycotted marriage because they think there is something wrong with P.H. due to his spencer lineage. Would not this apply P.W. also. I am confused please explain? Thanks!

William has never displayed the emotional instability that Diana and her family have long been notorious for. Harry has. Technically he shares the same lineage with his brother, but William is considered by all to be the more stable of the two.

How interesting when you consider that the roles are essentially switched when it comes to the opinion of the press. For a long time now, the press & other reporters who cover the royal family have had nothing but contempt for William and his mishandling of the press corps in his ill-guided attempts to protect the privacy of his family. There have been a number of articles regarding his stroppy behaviour in private towards his employees when things don’t go his way. It’s interesting that he’s considered the more stable of the two. That seems to indicate, to me, that his stubborn behaviour in private is a calculated decision on his part rather, than the side effects of something that can, in some way, be considered beyond someone’s control.

The opinions of the aristocracy are often at variance with those of the press when it comes to the royals.

Word!!! I do wonder how that affects the way they cover the royals. When your sources, in many instances, might provide tips that don’t necessarily align with your own experiences of the individual at hand. The temptation to be less charitable when you write about them is high, no?

In general, what do you think about biographies written by former journalists who have covered the RF? Do they compare favourably to those written by others? Are there clear differences? I haven’t read as much as I would like, but I have been putting together a reading list of sorts from your blog to look into in the future. 😀

Well, this question is quite general and really has several answers, but in terms of the broad scope of Brit royal bios written by journalists, as opposed to insiders, I’d say the quality of their work depends on the individual journalist. Of course, many a so called royal expert is nothing more than a tabloid reporter with only the most basic journalistic skill, and far less integrity than that. Take Andrew Morton, for example. He was just another Fleet Street hack who’d written a well put together, largely pictorial coffee table book on the Crown Estate when Diana plucked him from obscurity. The rumor has long been that her psychiatrist at the time was Morton’s closeted gay lover, and when Di poured out her dilemna concerning who should write her memoir, which would serve as a type of divorce petition, to her shrink, he sent her to his Morton. The only quid pro quo was that Andrew had to write exactly what Diana said in the tapes she recorded for the book, only interview the specific friends and family members she directed him toward, and not dig any further than that!!!! Not that Morton frankly possessed the intelligence to dig further, regardless! Anywho, he knew better than to look an obvious gift horse in the mouth, followed Diana’s instructions, and Voilà!!!! Diana:Her True Story was published. To this day it’s the all time best selling Brit royal bio! It certainly changed history in its own way! But it was a complete piece of hagiographic, non thoroughly researched, and utterly propagandistic shit!!!!!! Morton is still praised for being a superior investigative journalist, for basically following instructions!!!!

Sally Bedell Smith’s “Diana In Search Of Herself” is a different matter altogether, though I have issues with her book as well. It’s balanced and well researched, and Smith draws upon multiple sources of information from archival documents to interviews. My only problem with it is that its paradigm, that Diana suffered from borderline personality disorder, was stolen from Jonathan Dimbleby!!!! He was the first journalist to present to psychiatrists a description of Diana’s mental state, as told to him by the people he interviewed, without them knowing who she was, and them telling him she likely had BPD. He felt this premise was too conjectural to be presented in his Charles bio, and dropped it. Sally Bedell Smith heard about it, used the same method as Dimbleby when conducting her own research, was given the same theory by her own psychiatrists, then presented it to the world as her original idea!!!!! I like Smith, and I like her work, but I’ve little respect for her as a professional given that she’s basically a thief!!!

I could go on and on, but hopefully you’ve gotten the gist of what I’m saying. I’ll return to this subject when I’m less tired! 🙂

I disagree about the British monarchy ending with Queen Elizabeth’ s death.
Charles will be king, but only following a more ecumenical and modern Westmintwr ceremony; not one with all the High Anglican overtones. No annoiting, no head of a particular church, but with a mention of God. And he will be an excellent king: knowledgeable, cultured, sensitive and caring about all his fellow Britons. (Note I did not write “subjects”.)

I agree – subject to passing away before his mother, I don’t see a scenario where he is not King. After Charles it is hard to say. I don’t think Wills really wants the job, he does the absolute minimum he can get away with. That might change when he becomes Price of Wales.

oh my goodness , you have been uncharacteristically misinformed. She has not stayed at KP since December. She is prohibited to stay there. This affair will be over by mid July. The agreement is over. Harry’s playboy ways caught up with him this time. The real story of this relationship would be very much more interesting than the fantasy the tabloids would have you believe. Meanwhile Harry is once again engaging in his philandering ways.

Could be interesting. I wonder who he’s philandering with ?

As another one of the five loyalists, I just want to say congratulations, and how right you are, about everything. I predict that the marriage will be over within five to seven years, by which time Ms Markle will have realised royalty has to be self – abnegating and not self promoting and that that lfestyle is not at all as glamourous as she must assume (I bet she hates Nottingham Cottage). She will be given a lot of money and a sort of divorcee title and off she will go to her next assignment. The irony of Charles’ (borrowed) divorce money paid to Diana Princess of Wales being recycled through Prince Harry to Ms Markle makes me think of the divorce settlement that keeps on giving.

My info on the moor brooch brouhaha worn at the Markles luncheon may sound unbelievable but the truth is it was a public acknowledgement of the hitherto hidden black side of the Royals. Like many of the old nobility they have ancient black genes,not FROM AFRICA but indigenous European which is a whole ‘nother story. I’ve seen at least 1 post here on a black Euro royal.
Do you have more on this fascinating topic?

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