The Poorest Little Rich Girl


Various heiresses lived throughout the 20th century who’s lives, despite being blessed with fabulous wealth, were f****d in every other sense. Of these fortunate unfortunates, none were more notoriously miserable than Christina Onassis. Seen here as a little girl posing along side her mother, Athena, aboard her billionaire father’s yacht, which was named after her, Christina was born with a face that her mother most definitely did not love. According to Nigel Dempster’s biography of Christina , entitled Heiress, Athena made no secret of the fact that she was deeply ashamed of her daughter’s appearance. Dempster, and William Wright in his Christina Onassis bio, also uncovered that the only reason why Christina was born was because her mother had waited too long to get an abortion.

Born the youngest daughter of Greek shipping billionaire Stavros Livanos, and therefore with a substantial fortune of her own, Athena Livanos had impetuously married a much, much older Aristotle Onassis in her late teens. By the time she was in her late twenties, and after having given birth to a son, Alexander, Athena, who’s nickname was Tina, was actively planning to divorce her husband and marry her lover, a Venezuelan aristocrat and playboy named Reinaldo Herrera. She was hoping to start a new family with him. There was only one catch.

After the birth of their son, Onassis had forced Tina to get an abortion every time she became pregnant. His desire was to have only one child to leave his fortune to, thus insuring that Alexander would, like his father, be among the world’s richest men. By the time Tina was planning to start a new life with her Latin lover, she discovered she was pregnant again. Informed by her doctors that one more trip to the prenatal chop shop might render her permanently infertile, Tina decided that the birth of this unwanted child was the price she had to pay to rid herself of her husband.

Aristotle was furious that his wife refused to abort, and even more enraged that she wouldn’t tell him why. According to several biographers, Onassis beat Tina so hard during her pregnancy that one of the carpets in their Manhattan townhouse had to be replaced at least once because she bled all over it. Onassis was unable to beat the baby out of her, and in 1950 their daughter, Christina, was born. Upon gazing at his daughter, Aristotle could at least be assured that she was his. Her face looked just like her father’s, i.e. she was ugly, too. Tina’s modus operandi for having her daughter proved fruitless. Her affair with Herrera fizzled out shortly after Christina’s birth, and she soon settled back into her loveless, abusive and mutually faithless marriage of convenience.

Needless to write, this inauspicious start to her life did nothing to help Christina’s self esteem. After a childhood spent being ignored by both parents who preferred her attractive older brother; and an adult life consumed with drug addiction, constant yo yo dieting, various suicide attempts and four failed marriages; she died suddenly of a heart attack when she was 37.

Her life, however, did have a somewhat happy ending. Although her fourth husband was even more mercenary than her previous three, he did give her a daughter, also named Athena, who by all accounts provided Christina with the unconditional love that she’d never known previously. Unfortunately, Christina passed away when her daughter was three years old.

A final note should be added about her death; for there’s an ongoing rumor that Christina Onassis didn’t die in the bathroom of her best friend’s Argentine resort condo as she was found by the police, but her body had actually been placed in the bathtub after Christina had expired while underneath a rigorous male prostitute. If this story is true, one can only hope that she got off before she got off.