France’s Last Queen


This lady had a reason to look bitter. She was Princess Marie Therese of France, only surviving child of Louis XVl and Marie Antoinette, and the record holder for the shortest reign of a queen consort in France’s, or any other country’s, history.

On August 2, 1830 King Charles X, her father-in-law and uncle, was overthrown. Per the demands of the revolutionaries, both Charles and his son the Dauphin (Crown Prince) Louis were forced to abdicate, i.e. give up the throne. During the 20 minute interval between her father-in-law signing the abdication document and her husband doing so, Marie Therese was legally the Queen of France. This technically makes her the last woman in history to hold that title.

Although her portrait indicates Marie Therese inherited neither her mother’s glamour nor style, she certainly inherited Marie Antoinette’s bad luck!