A Dubious Engagment?


This recent photo of Monaco’s Princesses Caroline and Stephanie flanked by Caroline’s older children, Andrea and a very pregnant Charlotte Casiraghi, was taken at the 50th anniversary gala of AMADE Mondiale; the children’s international charity founded by Princess Grace. Conspicuous by his absence was Gad Elmaleh, the French/Moroccan comedic actor that is the father of Charlotte’s baby. In early August People and Hello Magazines, as well as Britain’s Daily Mail, reported that the expectant parents were betrothed and planned to marry in the autumn. Last month, however, while promoting his stand up comedy tour in the United States, Elmaleh stated categorically to The Washington Post that he was not engaged. He did not elaborate further.

If this is in fact the case, why did it take at least a month for either Charlotte or Gad to clarify their relationship status? Surely they keep up with their own press, and were made aware that at least three major publications were reporting that they were planning to marry? Could Elmaleh, a French movie star whose 15 years older than Charlotte, have initially agreed to marry Princess Caroline’s older daughter, only to change his mind later? The author, of course, doesn’t purport to know the answer to this quandary, but the timing of Elmaleh’s disclosure is more than a little unusual.

Had this engagement been real, it certainly wouldn’t have resulted in the first Grimaldi family wedding with a shot gun aspect to have taken place in recent years. The timeline of Andrea and Tatiana Casiraghi’s recent betrothal and marriage tells its own story: their engagement was announced in July of last year, which was followed in November by the confirmation that Tatiana was pregnant. Their son, Alexander, was born the following March, meaning that he must’ve been conceived at least a month prior to their engagement. Andrea’s own conception occurred prior to his parents becoming engaged, and was undoubtedly one of the reasons why they rushed to the alter.

Princess Caroline, as the provisional heiress apparent to the throne of one of the last countries on Earth in which Catholicism is the state religion, seems to be particularly sensitive to suggestions that the Grimaldis have an aversion toward marrying before they conceive children. Although she appears willing to allow her daughter to make her own decisions, much as Princess Grace allowed Caroline to do the same, its rumored that she does not relish the idea of any illegitimate issue existing in her branch of the family. Could this erroneous story of Charlotte and Gad’s engagement, then, have been planted in these tabloids by representatives of Princess Caroline in order to force the actor into marrying her daughter? If this scenario is true, one can only imagine the rage Her Royal Highness must feel for Elmaleh right now for having chosen not to obey her wishes.

The author more than concedes that he could be flying off the deep end with these suppositions. As stated in a previous post, the birth status of any of Charlotte Casiraghi’s children counts for little in terms of the Monegasque throne’s line of succession, given her low place within it. Charlotte is an intelligent young woman who should be allowed to live as modern a life as she chooses. Gad Elmaleh is a very talented and successful actor who has more than a right to do the same. Of course, there’s always the possibility that they’ll marry and legitimate their child somewhere down the line. The world will just have to wait and see how this latest Grimaldi family romantic escapade pans out.