The Trouble With Prince Harry


Insofar as outward appearances are concerned, Prince Harry seems on top of the world. Thanks to his older brother’s fundamental, which some would characterize as arrogant, and certainly enabled aloofness, coupled with his resolute desire to retain his pseudo military career for as long as humanly possible, Harry has now emerged as the most popular royal within his grandmother’s realm; barring, of course, Her Majesty. Between flying all over the world engaging in fundraising efforts for several noteworthy charitable organizations, giving a PSA in support of his personal charity, Sentebale, which as of yesterday appears to have gone viral on the Internet, and recently organizing an Olympics style competition for wounded British veterans, His Royal Highness’ career as a full time working royal is clearly progressing from strength to strength. His personal life, at least outwardly, also seems to be running smoothly.

He’s just turned 30, which is a milestone for any bachelor prince within the House of Windsor, but especially so for Harry since he’s now officially come into his share of the multi-million pound inheritance bequeathed to him from his late mother’s estate. In all fairness, it’s a bit disingenuous to credit this windfall to the legacy of the late Diana, Princess of Wales given that the vast majority of her estate consists of the reinvested lump sum divorce settlement she obtained from Prince Charles. Still, his money is now his sons’ money, and their recently acquired net worth easily makes them the wealthiest among the Queen’s eight grandchildren.

When one takes more than a cursory glance at Britain’s current fourth in line to the throne, however, one discovers that all is definitely not what it appears. According to various sources reputedly close to Harry and at least one of his ex girlfriends, some of whose commentary has recently appeared in The Daily Mail as well as The Daily Telegraph, both publications being well known for their all but out in the open back channels to the Court of St. James, let alone the Royals themselves, Harry’s grappling with an increasingly growing sense of loneliness owing to his failure to find a suitable wife to settle down with; an equally gnawing feeling of professional futility, frustration and dejection owing to him having been forced to resign his military career and his desperate desire to resume it; his jealousy directed toward an older brother whose married, happy with his wife, the proud father of a growing family, and being allowed to pursue his piloting career despite being the heir presumptive to the throne; and above all else a growing fear that, like his great aunt, Princess Margaret, before him, he’s destined to be left on the shelf by the eligible marital partners of his generation while his friends, family, and ex girlfriends all get happily married off and start families. Despite the seemingly democratic nature of Harry’s personal life and attitudes, the author suspects that HRH is a more conventional member of his socioeconomic strata than he appears, and doubts seriously that he relishes the prospect of becoming so desperate for a spouse that he settles for a photographer, or any other kind of marginally acceptable servant, as his long departed great aunt once did.

First things first: let us now tackle the increasingly vexing subject of Harry’s romantic life. It’s now an open fact that in the great dating sweepstakes His Royal Highness is a two time loser, having been rejected by the two women he openly acknowledges as the great loves of his life. In an article published in the August 4 issue of The Daily Mail entitled Loneliness of Prince Harry: Dumped by BOTH of his great loves, jealous of William’s happy family – and about to turn 30, and curiously not attributed to a specific journalist, the details of Harry’s private torment are laid out a little too intricately to be merely armchair speculation and nothing more. Aside from his red hair and personable approach to strangers during public engagements, both attributes he clearly inherited from his mother, His Royal Highness has long been rumored to have also inherited from the late Diana, Princess of Wales a love of media attention, an inability to distinguish between the words “public” and “private”, and a need to seek validation from the press, as well as harboring a desire to control his own media image, by leaking to select papers stories concerning his private life. Far from standing in his way, the Prince of Wales’ press office seems willing to indulge Harry’s burgeoning relationship with the press, perhaps if only to mollify a prince long rumored to be emotionally unstable. It also appears, when reading this article critically, that certain courtiers haven’t altogether abandoned the idea of Cressida Bonas one day becoming Harry’s bride. Cressie’s family and friends, including her mother, appear to have actively participated in this article, and the picture that emerges of her true character appears less flattering than one presumes they hoped.

The greatest indiscretion, in the author’s opinion, revealed in this piece regarding Harry’s relationship with Miss Bonas is the revelation that Harry at one point texted and called Cressida incessantly virtually everyday and emotionally clung to her metaphorical teat as only a new born infant or mentally handicapped adult could. From where could such a detailed story, complete with Miss Bonas’ synopsis of the affair, have emanated? The author strongly suspects it came from the lioness’s mouth herself, and despite HRH’s cooperation with the article, either through authorizing his friends to speak off the record or through his own unattributed participation, Harry and his minions were unable to prevent this anecdote from seeing the light of day. One doesn’t wish to engage in amateur psychology, but the author can only attribute the leaking of such a revelation to an innate coldness and sadistic cruelty that exists within Cressida’s character. After all, Prince Harry, like all adults, has his pride, and the public divulging of his vulnerability, especially given that he is among the world’s most famous people, is mean spirited in the extreme.

Since breaking up with Prince Harry, a boyfriend she was rumored to have never been fully in love with, Cressida has leveraged her media coverage into a burgeoning acting career. Regardless of whether this was her modus operandi for getting involved with Harry in the first place, it ‘s now rumored that she’s far more of a genuine, self absorbed opportunist than many observers initially thought; exploiting her unsuspecting prince, and apparently his family and courtiers, as a publicity launch pad for her performance career. Having initially wanted to be a dancer, she’s now determined to be an actress. While they’ve been seen out together a couple of times in public since their breakup, and Cressida was among Prince Harry’s personal guests at the closing ceremonies of the Invictus Games, the general synopsis of their relationship is that it exists, at best, as a friends with benefits arrangement with no possibility of a future marriage. In that regard, Miss Bonas seems to have been pushed into the same category in Harry’s private life that it’s rumored Chelsea Davy’s occupied for years, i.e. as a confidante cast in much the same mold as the former Mrs. Parker Bowles and the late Dale, Lady Tryon occupied for the Prince of Wales. If this rumored arrangement is in fact true, one can certainly understand why so many eligible young ladies are choosing not to get seriously involved with His Royal Highness at this time.

The next source of Harry’s ongoing private distress concerns his halted military career. Last January it was announced that, despite the fact it had taken him two years to qualify for it, Harry had resigned his post as an Apache helicopter pilot in exchange for a desk job in London organizing royal events. While still retaining a commission as a captain in the Blues and Royals army regiment, no timeline was officially set for when he would return to active duty. There are few who doubt the real reason why this career shift occurred, and there are some who blame the Duke of Cambridge for it. It was, after all, announced shortly afterwards that Prince William was being granted his wish to return to his military career, this time as an ambulance pilot, which he’ll balance out with semi regular public engagements. While it’s no secret that Harry’s hardly the sharpest pencil in the royal box, and undoubtedly wouldn’t have even been allowed to take the time to receive the qualifications to become an Apache pilot had it not been for his position, he qualified nonetheless, and forcing him not to pursue his dream so he can pick up his older brother’s slack in the royal duties department is more than a little obtuse on the part of the Queen, the Prince of Wales, and their courtiers! If anything it’s Prince William, as the future king, who should be obliged to sacrifice his personal ambition for duty to the Crown. Instead, it’s been decided that Harry, whose constitutional significance is only destined to lessen over time, is being forced to put his career, that he’s worked so hard to achieve, aside for the greater good of the Monarchy. According to one unnamed source in the Daily Mail article, this career change prompted a brief ” depressive episode” for Harry. One wouldn’t be surprised if this stress did no favors for his love life as well, and only gave Cressida Bonas that much more incentive to leave him when the time was right.

This leads to the final reason why His Royal Highness is rumored to be facing such turmoil in his private life: that being that he’s engulfed in a burgeoning fear that he’ll spend the rest of his life alone. While there remains no shortage of acceptable young ladies willing to date Harry, few of them, for the reasons the author just specified, wish to carry their liaison with him beyond the casual stage. Aside from many of them choosing not to spend the rest of their lives in the gilded cage that is life as a senior ranking royal, there are ongoing whispers that Harry, despite being a fundamentally good hearted and well intentioned man, just isn’t emotionally mature or stable. In that regard, he appears to have more in common with his mother’s progenitors than his father’s. Thanks to her all too ill advised Andrew Morton dictated memoir, the world is now well aware of the extreme emotional distress that’s plagued the Spencers and Roches for generations. From Diana’s paternal grandfather routinely beating the s**t out of her grandmother to her only maternal uncle blowing his brains out, the dysfunction that’s consumed generations of half Prince Harry’s ancestors is an all too open book. While the Hanovers/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Windsors have certainly been plagued throughout history with their own ongoing emotional turmoil, no member of the Royal Family, not even the notorious Queen Caroline, emotionally fell apart in so spectacularly public a manner as the late Diana, Princess of Wales. While the British upper crust is by no means as hide bound to tradition as they once were, they nonetheless have retained certain attitudes regarding the public disclosure of one’s private distress, i.e. one should avoid doing so at all costs. This Daily Mail article, and subsequent articles like it, are not helping Prince Harry in his ongoing campaign to prove how mature and well adjusted he is. Perhaps the time has come for HRH to look outside his limited social milieu for a potential bride. Otherwise, he might remain on the shelf for some time to come.

The author hopes that he’s not bored his audience with this over long, and admittedly quite speculative, account of the current problems burdening Prince Harry. Unlike his great aunt, Margaret, or his uncle, the Duke of York, Prince Harry’s proven himself to be a genuinely professional and enthusiastic royal who has willingly dedicated his life to the service of the service of the British nation. With that stated, it doesn’t appear that the Monarchy is making the wisest decisions regarding how best to utilize his talents. Harry’s life may be one of extraordinary privilege, but he’s paid a dear personal price for it. Thus far, he’s done so willingly, but if certain changes don’t occur in his personal and professional life soon, one shudders to think what the future holds for Britain’s favorite royal ginger.