The Next Generation of British Minor Royals


The young man standing in the center of this photo sporting the U.S. version of the “f**k you” hand gesture bears a striking resemblance to his mother, The Lady Helen Taylor. He’s Cassius Taylor, the recently turned 19 year old grandson of HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, a first cousin, twice removed of Her Majesty the Queen, and is currently 40th in line to the British throne. During a recent bout of insomnia the author managed to discover this candid shot prominently displayed on Master Taylor’s Facebook page. Needless to write, this tactless image is a far cry from the polished, respectable image the current generation of 20 and 30 something working, senior ranking royals are at such pains to project to the world.

Of course, young Cassius is neither a working nor senior ranking royal. Even if he were a patrilineal descendant of George V, the Letters Patent his great great grandfather signed in 1917 ensured the title of “Prince or Princess of the Realm” with the style of “Royal Highness” was cut off by the time his mother’s generation of so called “minor royals” were born, hence his mother’s courtesy title of “Lady” despite being the daughter of a prince. Part of George V’s rational for excluding future generations of distaff royals from full membership in “The Firm”, as his son, George Vl, characterized the working core of the Royal Family, was to ensure the Monarchy’s survival by keeping the senior branch of tax payer funded, rank and file British royals at a bare minimum. A cursory glance at Cassius Taylor’s FB page demonstrates the prescient wisdom of his great great grandfather’s decision.

Supposedly named after boxer Mohammed Ali, whose original moniker was Cassius Clay, this particular Cassius seems to have inherited his parents’ affinity for African American culture, particularly its Hip Hop element. He even chose recently as a cover photo a poster of Craig Mack, an obscure Hip Hop performer who hasn’t had a hit song, at least in the U.S., since the mid 90’s. Master Taylor also appears to enjoy sneering for the camera in a thuggish manner, which he does in several of the photos prominently displayed on his page. He’s even wearing a hoodie in one of these photos. For those among this blog’s readers not familiar with current British pop culture, hoodies have become a garment synonymous with hooliganism in Her Majesty’s realm , and several shopping malls throughout the British Isles refuse admission to young people who choose to wear them.

Of course, even had his mother been born a princess, Cassius still wouldn’t possess a title because his father, London art gallery owner Tim Taylor, is a commoner. With few exceptions, royal and noble titles in Britain are passed through the male line. Nonetheless, Cassius Taylor regularly attends the annual Trooping the Color parade, which culminates in him joining the rest of the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. He’s also attended all the major Royal Family events since his birth. Regardless of his minuscule place within the royal scheme of things, he’s still perceived, certainly by the tabloid media, as a member of the extended House of Windsor, and should he become entangled in a scandal of any kind, his behavior will reflect poorly on his extended family members. Given that this young man affects the same tacky arrogance on his Facebook page that reminds one of a member of the Hilton family, one shudders to think what potential embarrassment he might cause his relatives in the near future.

Should Cassius Taylor’s tactless arrogance prove more than just an impression he gives through photographs, he’ll be an apple who hasn’t fallen far from the tree. For his mother’s grown notorious through the years as being the one minor royal, barring Princess Michael of Kent, who stands on her dignity the most, and far too much to be genuinely likable. The author recalls a Tatler magazine interview The Lady Helen Taylor conducted quite a few years ago in which she boasted she’s the type of woman who doesn’t mind telling a girlfriend her but looks fat in certain dresses. This statement is all the more tactless, obtuse and ironic given that Helen’s ass of late prominently sticks out in virtually everything she wears.

While the author more than concedes that, as a man who recently turned 38, he’s out of step with the teenagers of today, he doubts seriously that a self respecting parent wouldn’t take a dim view of their young adult son or daughter “flipping the bird” in a photo prominently displayed on a social media page that’s part of the Internet’s most prominent, and accessible, social networking site. For a member of the Royal Family, such a photo is all the more embarrassing. Cassius Taylor’s father, however, appears not to feel that way, for he’s one of his son’s FB friends. One can only presume he’s seen this photo, and like his son could also care less how it reflects upon the rest of the Royal Family.

As any adult, working professional can attest, first impressions are the most important and longest lasting. The first impression that Cassius Taylor conveys through his Facebook page gives the distinct impression that he’s an ill bred young man whose character leaves much to be desired. The author more than concedes that there’s probably far more to Master Taylor than meets the eye, but he’s specifically writing about Cassius’ FB page as a reflection of his personality. Should Cassius, or any of his friends and family read this post, the author strongly advises that he join a closed Facebook group. That way, he can post as many vulgar photos of himself as he wants to without fear that a tabloid reporter, or a random Internet writer, won’t repost his photos on their blogs.