A Royal F**k You Letter, Revisited


Anyone whose followed this blog for the past several months maybe familiar with the author’s hobby of collecting royal thank you cards/letters. Several months back Belgium’s sexually ambiguous, and possibly castrated, crown prince was inaugurated as its new king, Philipe l, after his father, Albert ll, abdicated. The author sent him a tie and his wife a scarf in congratulations.

The last thank you letter the author had received from the Belgian Royal Court was in response to a birthday present he’d sent to the now retired King Albert ll. As the author made clear in his post, A Royal F**k You Letter?, it was definitely not to his liking. He’s now pleased to report that this lovely card and accompanying photo more than makes up for His Majesty’s previous faux pas. Although the author’s French is less than fluent, the card roughly translates as a thank you specially from King Albert and Queen Paola for the warm sentiments he expressed for the new and old monarchs at the time of the “change of reigns.” Their hearts were touched.

The sins of the Belgian branch of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha are too numerous to repeat here. For those readers who might be interested, the author’s touched upon some of their more recent scandals on this blog. Rest assured; there’s plenty more where those came from! Anywho, he’s happy to add this belated thank you card to his collection.